SAP Business Information Warehouse – SAP BW

With SAP solutions, we support our customers to save millions in software costs and development, as well as months of work in their BI projects and  analysis. SAP Business Ware-house (SAP BW) provides the storage functionality data storage, an intelligent platform of business, as well as a suite of tools related to Business Intelligence that make companies able to meet these objectives.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Pack

Pre-built solutions that allow organizations to gather, organize and take advantage of all relevant information for the analysis of their main management indicators. It applies to the following sectors: Banking, Finance, Health, Insurance, Retail, and Telecommunications

  • Reduce the analysis and design of requirements by more than 60%

  • Includes the main indicators of the industry -Support an average of 85% of the organization’s data

  • Reduced the time of business intelligence projects and data warehouse