Business Intelligence

Transform your business information into your most valuable asset

¿Do You have the tools to face these challenges?

  • Respond timely to changes in its commercial strategy

  • Make decisions in your operative area to minimize production costs

  • Control your strategic variables to mitigate the risk of deviation

And if you could?

  • Manipulate your information to make decisions based on your current reality

  • See hypothetical scenarios of your company based on simulated decisions

  • Measure the profitability of your business in real time



Give a twist to your company in the way your staff analyzes and responds to

the challenges of the day to day. At JW IT Global Solutions we support you

so that your organization TAKES DEVELOPMENT based on FACTS

We offer a complete range of products that allow continuous access to applications and reports, covering all aspects of the decision-making process

Bussiness objects: turning information into knowledge, knowledge into actions and actions into business results



Business intelligence platform that offers a full range of analytical and reporting capabilities

Easy to transform data into large intuitive dashboards and reports for greater analytical compression