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Support organizations to use data as the most strategic asset. In this way, they can make decisions and generate analytical decisions based on accurate and reliable information at the right time, which makes them more competitive and productive. We have one of the largest teams of Latin American engineers specialized in:


Informations Management

Pre-built solutions that allow organizations to gather, organize and approve all relevant information for the analysis of their main management indicators, applied to the following sectors: Banking, Finance, Greeting, Insurance, Retail, and Telecommunications

Big Data

Big Data is increasingly common in the context of BI and Data Warehousing. The challenge revolves around how to obtain this potentially valuable data and integrate it with other data elements so it can make an impact for the business' analysis.

Python - Django

We offer Web Solutions built in a short amount of time and with high-quality standards because we use one of the best programming languages that currently exists in the market, with a powerful framework and an effective methodology

Robotic Process Automation

RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation) takes and simplifies routine activities, within the environments your company.

About us

JW IT global solutions is a company specialized in consulting and development of integrated solutions in information management and technology, to effectively and efficiently support your decision-making processes. And in this way help you improve the performance and sustainability of your company. Dedicated to the development and innovation of strategic solutions for different business areas in organizations from all industries.


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